• Hello, my Name is Ben.


  • This is what I'm about.

    I'm an overachiever who thrives on a Fear Of Missing Out.

    I have lived on 4 continents.

    Cafe Book-keeper / London, UK

    University Tutor / London, UK

    Assistant Cafe Manager / New Zealand

    Walt Disney World Cast Member / FL, USA

    Volunteer English Teacher / Georgia

    Assistant Language Teacher / South Korea

    Exchange student / Tokyo, Japan


    I know what I value.



    positive attitude

    I've got curiosities.

      Languages / Japanese, French, South Korean

      Journaller / Leuchtturm

      Dancer / House style

      Kindle reader


      I am a tribesperson.

        Escape the City Tribe / May 2016

        Fireworks Enthusiast

        Podcast Appreciation Club

      • The Stories I've Told So Far.

        Let me share my adbentures with you.

        Personal travel blog

        Right now, I'm living in the UK. I use this travel blog to communicate with friends and family around the world about what I have learnt / found along the way.

        I am Escaping to do work that Matters.

        Video interview about the Escape the City Tribe program

        I was interviewed about what it means to be on the Escape Tribe. It's a a course run by Escape the City to help groups of professionals find more fulfilling work. I participated in the May 2016 intake and it has changed my outlook on life.

        Instagram is my Jam.

        Follow my visual adBentures at @bigbluesoup​

        A picture paints a thousand words. I allow my photos to celebrate my perspective, adventures and journeys around the world.

        I interview creative types about their journey.

        Written Medium article

        As part of the Escape the City course, we were asked to interview someone creative and find out about their hustling skills. How did they show resilience? How did they build a creative career? I conversed with Morgan Beem on her quest to draw graphic novels as a career.

        Guest post at Write Mynd reflecting on the importance of mindfulness

        Should mindfulness be linked to feeling negative? Why do we only do it when we feel stressed?

      • I stand out in crowds.

      • I am offering you things.

        Let me represent you.

        I want to get involved with things worth caring about.

        I'm here to help you to be the best you can be.

        Let me write for you.

        Have a message you want to convey? Need some writing done?

        I'm here to help you communicate better.